We have developed a smart sensor network focused at measuring climate and plant data in greenhouse production. All sensors are battery operated and transmit their data by radio to the base station. If the network is unavailable, for example due to a power failure, the sensors will store the data as a data logger until there is a connection to the base station again. At wish, the sensor can also store data from peer sensors as a blockchain.

With our dense network of ventilated temperature / humidity sensors you can monitor the climate homogeneity in your greenhouse. The data is stored in our database and you can easily transformed into a heat map. The colors of the bars indicate the temperature, the height of the bars the humidity. You can see the average values in the heat map to indicate hot, cold or wet spots in your greenhouse. By scrolling through historic data you can see how values change over time. Now it's your turn to try and fix the problem spots. Maybe you can change the direction of a ventilator or get rid of some undiscovered water leakage. After some months you'll have probably iterated towards a much improved climate.

The more sensors you put in your greenhouse, the higher the resolution of the heat map. To reduce your expenses you can use our sensors as a service for a restricted timespan. We are happy to rent you a broad range of sensors for the best price and highest quality. Are you curious what you could measure? Just contact us!

Next to measuring temperature and humidity we have sensors for:

  • Infrared temperature
  • Water/Soil temperature
  • Light intensity (lux)
  • CO2
  • EC of water
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Water flow
  • Tank level
  • Electric current
  • Water detection (leakage)

And we are working on sensors for

  • Spectroscopy to evaluate the spectrum of the light
  • Automated chemical analysis of irrigation water
  • EC of Soil
  • Stem diameter to measure water stress
  • Low cost Pyrgeometer