Integration Layer

Connect. Everything.

The climate computer is at the core of modern greenhouses. It controls all processes and you can control it from everywhere on your smart phone. At least in theory. In praxis does it:

  • include systems from competing brands?
  • integrate older equipment that is still working fine but just does
  • push this one button that you have to go back for to the greenhouse in weekends?
  • track your energy usage?
  • allow you to write down important observations?

You're a small grower that couldn't invest in a climate computer? We can solve that too!
Our software can read and operate any user interface of any computer system just the way you do. Our "Bots" can actually push physical buttons on old equipment for you and can read analog utility meters and log the data. These "Bots" communicate by radio and most of them are battery powered. Our interface allows you to take notes about all the important experiences you've seen with your own eyes.

Are you curious about how we can integrate the equipment in your infrastructure, just contact us.