the science of trust

Some Data is not only important to control processes, but could potentially destroy the value of your hard work. Of course there are data loggers that track the temperature during transport, but if something goes wrong these trackers can "disappear". What if there would be data loggers that share their measurements with all the other data loggers during the transport? Making data disappear becomes impossible. This allows you to have hard data if your fish was cooled during the entire transport, or if the meals you prepared were still hot when delivered at your customers. Or how can your workers proof the amount of labour they did? With our sensors harvest production is recorded automatically in a way that does not harm privacy. It's good if you can trust your suppliers and workers, it's even better to have proof of that trust.

But why should your clients trust you? How can you proof what fertilizer or plant protection you have used in which parts of your fields? Can you proof that you are a sustainable farmer? We can refurbish you machines with some sensors that can proof exactly that. You can trust our blockchain, so you know other people will trust you.