Robots for leafy greens

Our robot does all the work for you when it comes to growing leafy greens such as lettuce and herbs. It's 3D positioning system can autonomously change tools and has a camera that makes a picture of each and every plant multiple times a day. All these images are processes in the cloud to analyze if the growth is according to the plan, but also detects if there are any bugs, pests, fungi or other diseases in your production. Within minutes it will tell you exactly where the problems are so you can remove the infected plant to prevent an outbreak.

The robot has an optimal bounding box coverage, meaning that it can move to (almost) all positions in the three dimensional space. It has no protruding parts, making it an ideal system for densely packed vertical farms or difficult to reach spaces such as rooftop farming. It also has a gripper for putting the plants onto the growing surface. It will happily reposition the plants while they grow, so you can make optimal use of your production area. While it's lifting the plant it's being weighted, giving you an even more accurate overview of the growth progress and harvest prognoses. During harvest it can cherry-pick the best of your plants to provide the highest quality to your best paying customers.