Be-Bots offers monitoring, automation, and integration solutions for the entire agricultural supply chain. We connect your equipment, monitor the grow conditions, automatize your plant production,  optimize your greenhouse & indoorfarm climate, track the cold-chain of your products, and much more.

Integration Layer

The Be-Bots integration layer integrates all existing digital and analog equipment plus human observations into one unified user interface, which allows you to access all data and control all the actuators from your smart phone, where ever you are.



With our wide range of wireless sensors you can monitor all relevant climate and plant data. The sensors have an on-board memory, enabling continued monitoring during network failure. They run on batteries that will hold for years.



We have been developing a cost-effective robot for aquaponic production of leafy greens. The entire process from seed to harvest is autonomous. The camera automatically recognizes diseases and deviations during the growth cycle.


Artificial Intelligence

All the historic data from your climate computer and paper bookkeeping is processed by our algorithms. They statistically predict your upcoming yields or detect patterns preceding problems and hence warn you for potential pest threads.



Our sensors keep on logging data, also when they are off-line. They share data with other sensors in range and store data from their peers in encrypted blockchains. This means that data cannot get lost and cannot be manipulated.



All data is stored on our trusted european servers. Customer privacy is our highest priority. We guarantee that you will always have access to your data.

It's our mission to provide every professional greenhouse & indoorfarms, whether small or big, with a state of the art service that makes climate- & production control as easy as a smart home.

Leading Heads

The operations of our growing team are managed by the company's co-founders

Bram de Vries / CEO

is a serial entrepreneur with heart for plants and a passion for technology. A versitile mechanical engineer and social anthropologist with a broad experience in process automation, 3D printing, space engineering, medical technology, and grass roots development-aid projects.

Sascha Bussian / CTO

is just crazy for programming. His experience ranges from system integration, developed several artificial intelligence applications, puts all his savings in crypto currencies, and lives in a fully automated smart home.

Tobias Hlobil / Business Development

Behind every technical development there needs to be a business model. The development of solutions in the interest of the customer is the driver of successful business development.

Advisory Board

Anne-Kathrin Kuhlemann / Food Expert

is a foodie with a decade of experience in building startups that produce urban food using modern agtech. With a degree in European Business and a background in strategy consulting, she loves optimizing processes and structuring projects.

"Thanks to Be-Bots we are sure that our aqua-terra-ponic processes are running smoothly. This has helped to increase our efficiency and I can control the entire farm from my couch!"

Florian Pach - Production Manager - StadtFarm


We believe in cooperation. Working together with industry, science and growers is what brought us here. We are looking forward to extend our partner network and grow together with you. Contact us, or visit us in Berlin - Germany.